Control Center

The Control Center is responsible for the regulation of the free zone and, in particular, the relationships between the various actors and stakeholders in this space, including the Authority, the city of Nouadhibou, developers, operators and authorized companies

The Control Centre is a legal entity under public law governed by the law establishing the free zone and has financial and managerial autonomy. It is attached to the Presidency of the Republic and its headquarters is in Nouadhibou.

It takes and performs all acts and decisions necessary for the performance of its duties.

The Center may be referred to a request for conciliation on any dispute arising between actors in the Free Zone. The Center freely conducts conciliation attempts ensuring compliance with the principles of transparency, impartiality, objectivity, non -discrimination, equity and justice.

In its capacity as an arbitration institution, the Control Center establishes its own arbitration rules. Where the parties agree to submit their dispute to the Control Center, the Center organizes this arbitration in accordance with its regulations.

Free Zone Authority

The Authority is a legal entity of public law, endowed with financial and managerial autonomy, governed exclusively by the special status defined by Law No. 2013-001 establishing the free zone and its application Acts. The authority is under the supervision of the President of the Republic. Its headquarters is in Nouadhibou

It has three main missions :

  • The planning, programming, organization, urbanand promotion of the entire free zone of Nouadhibou ;
  • The planning, programming, organization, development, implementation and management of free zones and supporting;
  • The establishment, organization and functioning of the One-Stop Access Desk.

As part of its mission the Free Zone Authority is responsible for :

  • Coordination with authorities and government departments to ensure the coherence of public policies and, where appropriate , the setting up of protocols to this end ;
  • The protocol of agreements with the Ministries concerned with the formalities and procedures within the scope of responsibility of the One-Stop Access Desk to arrange the transfer of skills and the provision , if any , of staff for the One-Stop Access Desk ;
  • The setting up of protocols of agreement with the customs administration to coordinate assistance to customs offices and administrative procedures congruent to the Customs Administration.

The Authority shall develop the multi-year development plan, under its responsibility, in consultation with the administrations, government departments, local authorities and public institutions concerned.

As deliberative and decision-making body, NFZ Authority has a management committee. The committee deliberates on matters relating to the management of the Authority and the achievement of its missions. It is composed of members each representing, the government, the local authorities or the private sector organizations. Its organization and operation are defined by Decree No. 2013-019 of 19 February 2013.

Law Act establishing the Free Zone of Nouadhibou

The Law Act No. 2013-001 of January 2, 2013 hereby establishes, a Free Zone constituting an area of priority economic development in Wilaya of Dakhlet Nouadhibou.

To promote the development of priority economic activities, development areas can be created within the free zone. These development areas can be allocated for the creation of activities of an industrial or commercial nature, or seaport and airport services or other support functions such as housing, tourism, business, leisure and offices.

Companies or firms engaged in eligible activities in the free zone of may benefit by virtue of such activities from taxation scheme, social and special currency exchange arrangements provided by the law Act of Establishment of the Free Zone and admission to the One-Stop Access Desk. Companies that exercise eligible activities that meet specific criteria set by the Council may, if authorized, settle in the dedicated development zones within the free zone.

The free zone is a special customs territory separated from the national customs territory, within which the customs procedure defined in the law is applied.

Within the free zone, all activities remain subject to all applicable laws and regulations in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, including sector-specific regulations, subject to special provisions exemptions provided by this law.

The institutional mechanism of Nouadhibou Free Zone includes :

  • Senior Strategic Policy Board (SSPB) ;
  • A Free Zone Authority ;
  • A Control Center.

Senior Strategic Policy Board

The Senior Strategic Policy Board is the supreme body of the free zone of Nouadhibou. It defines its policies and oversees their implementation. The SSPB is chaired by the President of the Republic, and includes six members as follows:

  • The Minister of Economic Affairs
  • The Minister of Finance
  • The Minister for Planning
  • A Special Adviser to the President of the Republic, appointed by decree
  • The Director General of the Fund of Deposits and Development
  • Président of the Authority