One Stop Access overview

Within the free zone, the Authority has created a One-Stop Access Desk as an innovative service. The access desk puts together the various government departments involved under one roof. To make the process as easy as possible, all formalities and paperwork required for the activities of developers, operators and authorized companies are completed at the One-stop Desk within 5 working days. In particular, One-Stop Access Desk is responsible for processing all formalities and procedures for the implementation of authorized companies in the free zone, in order to facilitate the issuance of any permits, licenses, registrations and authorizations required for their activities, including visas and work permits, declarations and authorizations for activities subject to special schemes and all requirements such as declaration, licensing and authorization related to urban and environmental issues. With the exception of customs formalities ,which remain under the control of the customs officers, the One-Stop Access Desk operates in lieu of the concerned authorities, issuing all declarations and others including fiscal, commercial and social formalities to be accomplished by developers , operators and businesses. The One-Stop Desk include

  • A front office division responsible for three functions: the creation, registration and authorization of companies, firms, and businesses
  • A middle office with three divisions : real estates, urban planning and taxation
  • A treasury office for collecting taxes and fees payable in the Free Zone


At The One-Stop Access Desk we have:

  • A professional team thriving to provide the best service to investors
  • A simplified and quick processing of applications for the creation, registration and authorization. The response is guaranteed within 5 working days
  • A concentration of all services involved in the process in one place
  • Issuance of any authorization allowing the launch of activities in the Free Zone

Authorization process :

This process is to help new investors seeking the authority approval for one or more activity. Following this procedure one or more authorizations are issued, as per the investors’ request. The authorization procedure must be followed by a process of creation.
Turnaround time: within 5 days.

Agreement Document : download

Creation process :

Once one or more activity is authorized, investors are to proceeds to the One-Stop Desk to complete the remaining legal requirements to create the company.
Turnaround time: within 5 days.

Creation Document : download

Registration process :

This process is created to help existing business activities pertaining to the common law scheme to switch the Free Zone system to benefit from its advantages.
Turnaround time: within 5 days.

Registration Document : download