By way of derogation from the provisions relating to the control of foreign exchange, licensed companies enjoy the guarantees and benefits below:

  1. Licensed companies can freely make any transfer of funds corresponding to the following objects:
    1. current operations;
    2. transactions in capital in case of transfer or liquidation of investments;
    3. distributions of profits or dividends;
    4. repayment of loans and bank interest;
    5. due payments in application of contracts of transfer of technology, technical assistance or for the purchase of goods and services abroad.
  2. Licensed companies whose eligible activities are mainly export-oriented will retain on foreign currency accounts in foreign banks, the hard currency they receive for these activities to the extent necessary for the coverage of their transactions made or to be made in foreign currency.
  3. The provisions of currency regulations not contrary to the provisions of the Act are applicable in the free zone of Nouadhibou